Town Newsletter: December 21, 2022

Board of Commissioners
December 20th Meeting Recap

A regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners was held on December 20th. The Board took the following actions:

  • Reviewed Pinnacle Architecture’s Draft Master Site Plan for Block Q with Randy Baker from Pinnacle Architecture. 
  • Heard a presentation on the Holden Beach Pier Project made by Chip Hemingway from Bowman Murray Hemingway Architects. Changes the Board would like to see were discussed.
  • Unanimously agreed to reappoint Rick Smith as the mayor pro tem.
  • Approved the 2023 Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Schedule
  • Appointed Mayor Holden as the Town’s delegate and Mayor Pro Tem Smith as the alternate to the Cape Fear Council of Governments.
  • Heard details on the monthly report from Chief Dixon. Chief Dixon advised people we are expecting cold weather starting at the end of the week and to remember that the bridge freezes before the road. 
  • Heard the monthly report from Inspections Director Evans. He provided information on trends in the building industy. 
  • Approved Ordinance 22-28, An Ordinance Amending Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Section 94.03 Frontal Dune Policies and Regulations.
  • Heard a presentation by Inspections Director Evans on a Beach Mat Plan that the Board requested at a previous meeting. 
  • Approved a revision to the Engineering Services Agreement for Pump Station #2. 
  • Approved a budget amendment to realize the money received for the insurance claim on the Public Works’ truck that was flooded during Hurricane Ian. 
  • Approved a budget amendment to encumber funds to the Pier Renovation and Repair line for the minor repairs that took place after Hurricane Ian and for any upcoming minor repairs prior to the full renovation.
  • Directed Chief Dixon to look at revising Section 130.01, Discharge of Firearms Prohibited; Exceptions.
  • Directed Town Manager Hewett to solicit bids for the cosmetic up fit of 796 Ocean Boulevard West, to include bids for painting, HVAC platforms and steps. They also would like to explore renting the property on a weekly basis throughout the summer until a permanent use is determined for the building.
  • Requested that Town Manager Hewett and his staff review suggestions from Holden Beach citizens on the first year of paid parking. They would like staff suggestions to be presented to the Board at their January meeting. 
  • Amended the fee schedule to reflect the 2023 amount for recycling. The cost will be $106.88 per bin. Renewal letters will be sent out soon for those that are currently participating. Applications will be available for new customers.
  • Held a closed session to consult with the attorney and regarding personnel.

Click here if you are interested in viewing the meeting packet. 

You can also hear audio from the meeting by clicking here. Audio includes the town manager’s report and mayor/commissioner comments.

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