Traffic Alert: Another House Moving Feb 9th!

On Thursday, February 9th, beginning at 9:00 a.m., the house currently located at 813 Ocean Boulevard West will be moved off the island. You should allow extra time if you will be traveling during this period.

Please be alert and use caution.

View the location on a map here:

Josh was born with sand between his feet and salt air in his lungs. As a kid, you could have found him riding his bike to old Jeff's Grocery for a few candy treats or merrily working the checkout counter at Beach Mart.

3 comments On Traffic Alert: Another House Moving Feb 9th!

  • Just curious why houses are being moved off the island! We have vacationed there for years and have always thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Just didn’t know if there was a problem or if some folks just decided to move their home.

    • Hi Tina,

      Sometimes, if an older house is resting on a beautiful piece of property, the owner will sell or move the home off the beach so they can build a bigger, new home on the property.

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