Town Monitoring Road Conditions, Urges Caution

The Town of Holden Beach is currently monitoring road and weather conditions with the overwhelming amount of rain Holden Beach has received along with much of the coastal Carolinas.  Town representatives wanted to share the following with all residents and visitors:

“We are currently monitoring the situation and responding as necessary. At this point, there are no town maintained roads that are flooded. We would caution everyone to keep an eye on the weather and the impending storm and to use caution when traveling. People should stay at home if travel is not necessary.”
– Heather Finnell, Town Clerk
Holden Beach Road Flooding
Road Flooding on Holden Beach

Remember, under the right conditions, flood can occur quickly and without warning. If you are aware of above average rainfall, park your car on elevated ground and stay at home if travel is not necessary. Stay safe everyone.

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