Startup Weekend Holden Beach V.2 – Call for Participation

Can you believe that we are only about 3 weeks away from Startup Weekend Holden Beach V.2? Wow, it’s slipped up on us quickly this time around! If you’re interested in attending, we have good news– as of now, we are still looking to fill empty spots in all areas for this invite-only retreat weekend. If you are a Web designer, programmer, business developer, or marketing guru and are interested in attending, use the “Contact” link in the main top navigation on our StartupHB site to let us know!

So, just what is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is an conference unlike any you’ve attended before–over the course of a single weekend, you get to take time out from your current venture/business and practice building a new one. Over the course of the weekend, ideas are pitched, teams are formed, and new companies conceptualized, built, and launched! Each person improvises using their own instruments and style to create something entirely new and wonderful–all in one brief session. You’re not judged (unless you judge) and learning is paramount. It’s an awesome three days of networking, team building, coding, business planning and pitching (with some added cocktails and food). AND, this particular SW is being hosted in beautiful Holden Beach, North Carolina.

The 1st Holden Beach Startup Weekend saw the birth of two new companies–BoomClickaBoom ( and Paid2Perfect. BoomClickaBoom has continued to thrive since Startup Weekend Holden Beach V.1 and has participated in two StartupHB Splinter Cell retreat weekends since. Splinter Cell weekends are incubator style events that the StartupHB team introduced this year to mentor infant companies during their first months.

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